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A revolution in Spatial Marketing is on the horizon.

We invite you to play Tactician Business Gaming, an interactive ecosystem for Sales Management, Retailing & Advertising, to create dynamic strategies in new and creative ways.
Play to win.

Business strategy wasn’t a game. Until now.

Tactician Business Gaming is an ecosystem for strategic decision making through to mission execution, scalable for all levels of your business.

Tactician Business Gaming is engineered on new technology from

Apple Oracle Salesforce


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Sales Productivity

Instant-response maps allow you to optimize your sales coverage using up-to-the-minute intelligence. Gain key insights, which help you reduce territory sales costs.


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Retail Coverage

Ensure you’re covering markets in the most effective and efficient way possible. Improve your all-around site performance, and prepare for media targeting.


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Media Targeting

Isolate and advertise to the right target markets. Build your market share in the right locations. Use intelligent data to better execute promotional events in your regions.

On the Horizon


Tactician Business Gaming is divided into 3 levels of real-life game play:

Detect, Explore, and Execute.

01. Detect

Pinpoint opportunities, set goals, and reveal insights.

02. Explore

Study opportunities and formulate strategy.

03. Execute

Turn strategy into a mission and instantly deploy. Track your mission in real time.

How does it feel?

Dynamic Intelligent Map

The data and the map interact fluidly in a way never experienced before.


Easy-to-Use Interface

We pushed the boundaries of Apple’s iOS to deliver a fast, visually-immersive, entertaining experience to run your business in a totally new and exciting way!


Unmatched Speed

Our revolutionary new architecture ensures unmatched speed across the application, in some cases 1000’s of times faster, making all your processes more efficient.

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Remarkable Engine

We dared to imagine what is possible. We architected a new platform for the marketing industry that fundamentally changes the way business can be run. We built it on the best technology, for you.

By distributing and synchronizing computing power between Oracle servers and Apple’s iPad, we achieved a new benchmark in security, speed, and flexibility. Some performance improvements are 1000’s (Yes! 1000’s!) of times faster than today’s geospatial marketing solutions.

The result is new, streamlined ways of collaborating between teams that cut millions of $’s in lost productivity and errors. Not to mention the huge morale boost from a new generation of exciting, visually rich tools for your team to enjoy.

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In a bold move, we used the powerful iPad in-memory, multi-core processing to fuse data and maps in a way that keeps 95% of the processing local and secure. The look, feel, and performance set a new standard in business applications.

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Your secure, A+ rated corporate ecosystem runs on the cloud using Oracle’s X7 bare metal super servers - the most powerful in the business!

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The app seamlessly integrates and translates your company's data into intelligent dynamic terrain. Tactician Business Gaming implements powerful spatial algorithms that can, for example, balance workload, increase advertising response, reward management, and provide local sales productivity, making your data come alive and work for you to win business.

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Play to win®

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